Travel Documents

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Pet Import Permit

These are issued by the country to which the Pet is going. The country of import is allowing you entry with your Pet. It should be noted that some importing countries do not make it a mandatory  requirement while some do.


Pet export permit

This is issued by the country from which the pet is leaving or exiting/ departing. If you plan to travel out if Uganda, then the Uganda government issues you a pet export permit.

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Health certificates

This is issued by your Pet’s veterinarian after a health examination to attest to your pet’s good health and fattiness to travel. The standard rule is it has to be issued within 10 days of travel.

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Pet Passport


Just like human passport, we also process and issue passports for your pets. It includes info on your Pet (Name, Age, Breed, Sex, Color, Microchip), owner Info (Name, address, Phone Contact, email address) vaccinations, blood tests, tick & flea treatment & deworming info.