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Vetluv Pet Travel & Pet Clinic

Vetluv Pet Travel & Pet Clinic has been around for 20 years. It started as a predominantly house call veterinary service and later, a formal veterinary clinic was established. With time, it came to our realization that clients experienced a lot of frustration trying to relocate their pets out of the country. They were either not aware of the regulations and requirements that vary among the many countries or they were being taken advantage of. They also had a lot on their plate to deal with. Consequently, the Pet Travel and Relocation service was launched which grew not only to cater for local but regional, continental and international relocations. It is a well-known fact that moving house is quite a stressful time, especially so between countries. Add to this the actual worry as to whether the pets will be fine relocating. Undeniably, it is a stressful time for the pets as well. Knowing all this and having a strong background in veterinary knowledge and a huge amount of love for animals, we make relocation and transition as easy and smooth as possible. We love what we do and we also respect that pets are unequivocally part and parcel of the family.

The small animal clinic, Vetluv Animal Care still exists and offers all the traditional veterinary products and services. For pet owners coming to Kampala, Uganda, you will be glad to know that we offer a veterinary house call service. Do not hesitate to let us know if you ever need anything! Leave the worrying to us! We listen to both you and your pet!

Founder Dr. Alex Mugisa Great




Pet Travel

The service operates as a one-stop-shop for all your Pet travel needs


Import & Export Paperwork

Traveling internationally with your pet? Planning in advance of traveling with a pet is key in avoiding problems when entering a country.

Pet Clinic

Services offered at the clinic include; Treatment, Surgery, Consultancy, Grooming, Vaccinations, Microchipping.


FAVN Blood Tests

Some countries a blood test is a requirement. Commonly required tests are: Rabies antibody titre Test especially pets going to Europe, Israel, japan, south Korean, etc


Pet Boarding

We know that going out of town can be a stressful experience for both you and your Pet.

Door To Door Services

We help book pets onto airlines, check them in, arrange for pick up and delivery, do customs clearance and generally provide door to door service



Pet microchips play a very important role in pet identification. Should your pet be lost, whether at home or traveling


Travel crates and Kennels

IATA approved Travel crates and Kennels when your Pet travels, it is required to be housed in a travel kennel or crate on the plane

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Us Different?

We are a team of highly dedicated professionals with a great love for animals. The latter is a must and there are no any other ways around it! A team of vets, headed by Dr. Alex Great Mugisa, the proprietor, ensures that pets are healthy before travel and that conditions for their well being and health during travel are put in place.

We arrange house calls where the vet services are brought to the comfort of your home. This is tailored to cater for pet owners who have no means of transportation, pets that have phobias for cars and those with motion sickness. It also comes in handy for a badly injured pet or for client who is away on business and the caretaker is not able to take the pet to the vet. In this case the vet comes to you.

; We’ll keep in touch; We will Keep In Touch. For all the cases that we deal with, we always make it a point to call you up and find out how the patient is doing and if there is anything else that may be done to help. Sometimes if we are in your area doing housecalls, we shall drop-in free-of-charge to check on our patient

We endeavor to make our services convenient for the pet owner wherever possible, be it arranging to see patients, pet transport and relocation and also payment options. We are here because of you and thus the onus is on us to make sure everything goes well on your side

Since the love for animals drives us, the first consideration in choosing people to work with is passion. With passion, anything is surmountable. So, we have a highly motivated and passionate staff. Our staff have long standing experience working with animals including the founder Dr. Alex who has worked as a clinician and surgeon for 20 years. We love what we do and we are still going strong.

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