his Cute Calico Princess (they are actually called Queen Cats) travelled from Kyambogo, spent a few nights at Vetluv before boarding her KLM flight to Vancouver Canada via Amsterdam. She is with mum and dad! We are elated to have been part of the story!!!! This Cute Calico Princess (they [...]

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Rex and Tristan make it from Uganda to the US

The lovely duo of Rex and Tristan made it this week to new York after we had to hurriedly expedite their departure,…not with the 14th of July roadblock looming over the horizon. Flights were arranged, reserved and booked and paperwork processed. In no time they were airborne landing in new [...]

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Darwin the evolution biologist finally makes it to Maputo:

Charles Darwin the famed English biologist and naturalist traveled around the world doing ground breaking research and ended up in Galapagos Islands where he will forever be remembered for his mouth-watering theories on evolution. He might have not reached Mozambique but his namesake, “Darwin” the Australian Silky Terrier in the [...]

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This elegant 4 months puppy, “Amahoro Gunnar”

This elegant 4 months puppy, “Amahoro Gunnar” plus another “special one” from the Amahoro stable of canines, are on their way to the United States now as we speak and should be touching down any minute in Atlanta. Journey started from Entebbe airport on Saturday and both spent the day [...]

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Good quality travel kennels including soft carrier bags for in-cabin travel…now available at Vetluv Pet Travel. Deliveries within Kampala free. Call 0200 90 36 26, 0755 433 054 & 0772 433 054 Find us by following pin below [...]

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We recently shipped Buna and Chico early this wek from the leafy suburb of Kololo in Kampala to Chicago where their mother had to drive 5 hour + to pick them up, which was a very important cog in the wheel. There was a sudden hiccup when a new regulation [...]

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